Speech and Language Therapy Services

For Families:

I prefer to visit your child at home to complete their initial assessment. Follow up sessions can be arranged at home or at your child’s pre-school or school.

My specialism is working with pre-school children (from the age of 18 months) and older children up to the end of Key Stage One. I can offer support to children with a wide range of difficulties including:


  • Children with specific conditions which impact on the development of their speech and language skills, such as global developmental delay and Autism.
  • Children with specific difficulties with speech and language development, such as general language difficulties (late talkers), children with normal non-fluency (early stammering) and speech sound difficulties/disorder.
Speech and Language Therapist

I will endeavour to liaise with your child’s local NHS therapy service to co-ordinate and compliment the services we can provide.


I believe strongly in working with your child’s pre-school/school to ensure that everyone understands the nature of your child’s difficulties and the most appropriate way to support them every day in order to accelerate their progress.

Information for Pre-schools & schools:

I would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements with regards to therapy or training needs. We can work together to agree a detailed package of intervention based on the needs of individual children or groups of children.


I can offer informal and formal assessment, classroom observations, review sessions, therapy sessions (1:1, small or larger groups) and report writing and target setting.  Training can be arranged for staff members (groups or 1:1).


Initial Assessments (60-90 minutes) – from £100


These fun and enjoyable sessions are usually undertaken at home. For younger children, assessment always involves play. Observing your child play allows me to gain a deep understanding of how they are learning, the level of their attention, assess their understanding of what is said to them, as well as expressive language and speech sounds.

The session will include:


  • Case history
  • A play based assessment of your child’s speech, language and communication. A formal assessment may also be used, if appropriate
  • Immediate verbal feedback about the assessment
  • Discussion and agreement regarding next steps and recommendations
  • A summary report can be written for an additional cost of £50.

Further sessions/hourly rate – £65

Examples of what may be offered include:


  • Therapy sessions (a discount can be negotiated if a block of therapy is recommended). Therapy activities will be provided following each session. It is important that these are completed in between therapy sessions to maximise the progress your child can make.
  • Review sessions (a further appointment offered after a period of time to follow the advice given)
  • Observation in pre-school/school
  • Attendance at meetings
  • Liaison with other professionals
  • Writing more detailed programmes or reports
  • Making resources

Pre-school/school packages

(Depending on length of contract negotiated, a minimum of half a day – 3 hours is required).