Mission Statement:


I offer high quality and individualised speech and language therapy services.  I will provide an honest appraisal of a child’s needs and set realistic and achievable therapy goals. I believe that children should be offered speech and language therapy support when it is most beneficial to them and that it should reflect a child’s needs. Therefore, timing and frequency of sessions should be appropriate for the individual child/family and not determined by the resources available. I work with parents to jointly decide on the speech and language therapy support that best suits their child.


I am always happy to discuss whether the services I provide will meet your child’s needs.



I am a specialist speech and language therapist. I qualified in 2000 and worked in the NHS for 19 years before setting up my independent practice. I am a specialist therapist in the area of early years – working with children who aren’t yet at school. However, I am qualified to work with children of any age.


I am a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT). I am also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). I am also a member of the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP). I have an enhanced DBS certificate. I have additional qualifications in speech and language therapy including Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy (PACT), Hanen (It Takes Two To Talk and Learning language and Loving It), Elklan, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and VERVE.

Who can I help?


My area of specialism is assessment, advice and therapy for pre-school children with any difficulty. I can offer support to:


  • Children with limited attention and listening skills.
  • Children who find it difficult to play and interact with others
  • Children who have difficulty understanding what is said to them
  • Children who are late talkers.
  • Children who find it difficult to form sentences
  • Children who have unclear speech. i.e. difficulty saying sounds.
  • Children who stammer (normal non-fluency)
  • Child who have social communication difficulties or Autism

What I can offer:


Initial Assessment (cost – £100 without a report/£165 with a report)


This will include:


  • Identification of parental concerns
  • Discussion of any relevant medical and family history



  • Formal standardised assessments, if appropriate
  • Informal assessment – by observation of play and interaction
  • Discussion of assessment findings with parents.


Usually the initial assessment lasts for between 60 and 90 minutes.  Further assessment may be required for children with more complex needs.  This will be charged at the cost of a review session.


Following the assessment a short written report can be requested by parents, for an additional fee.  With consent from parents, this report will be copied to other professionals e.g. GP, nursery, school.


According to your child’s needs you will be offered the most appropriate package of intervention, which may include one or more of the following:

Programme of Activities (cost – £65 per hour pro rata)


Following assessment, advice will be provided on specific strategies to support your child’s speech and language development.  Where appropriate, this will be accompanied by a programme of activities for home practice. I will explain and demonstrate how to carry out the activities. These will be carried out by parents over an agreed length of time.  After this time, your child’s progress will be reviewed and new areas of work may be identified to focus upon.

Therapy sessions (cost – £65 per session)


I can offer courses of speech and language therapy. These are individual sessions focusing on a specific area of difficulty identified during the assessment process. I will work with your child in your home (or their pre-school) for an agreed number of sessions. Typically, a session will involve 45 minutes of therapy activities followed by 15 minutes discussion with parents.  This will include an explanation and demonstration of any home practice activities.  Courses of therapy usually run for 6 sessions, but may be longer or shorter depending on your child’s rate of progress or the particular therapy approach used.  6 mutually convenient sessions are booked with parents before the therapy sessions begin.


Where a child has additional needs or complex social communication difficulties and a communication system needs to be introduced and established (e.g. Picture Exchange Communication System) support from another Speech and Language Therapist/practitioner is occasionally necessary for a session or two. If this is recommended at the initial assessment, I will discuss the rationale for this and costings in more detail at that appointment.


When working with pre-school children, therapy offered will almost always involve the participation of the parent (or key worker if the child is seen at nursery). Therapy may involve direct intervention with your child, but will usually be a combination of direct and indirect approaches (such as coaching parents).

Review Sessions (cost – £65 per hour)


A review session (60 minutes) may be offered after a course of therapy or the completion of a home programme of practice activities. Following a course of therapy, it is beneficial to provide a short break to allow a child to consolidate what they have learned and to generalise this into their everyday communication.  A review session will then be offered at an agreed time to check on progress and to identify any remaining speech and language needs.


A child may also be reviewed if, following initial assessment, therapy was not felt to be appropriate but then circumstances have since changed (e.g. the child has had grommets fitted, their speech sounds are not progressing as expected, their stammer has returned).  This will involve re-assessment of the child’s needs/progress and agreement about further speech and language therapy input.

Reports (£65 per hour – minimum one hour)


You can request a report following an assessment or therapy intervention with your child. These may be simple reports which include a summary of the achievements over a course of therapy and recommendations for the next steps for your child. For children with more complex difficulties, reports will take longer (often 2-3 hours). These reports are in depth and individualised for your child. They are useful for you and the other professionals who are involved in your child’s care. These reports can be submitted as evidence towards an Education Health Care Plan. Please note that I do not write reports for EHC Plans (i.e. once this has been agreed and professional advice has been requested about frequency/type of Speech and Language Therapy required).

Visits to pre-school/attendance at meetings (£65 per hour – minimum one hour)


Where appropriate and with parental permission, I can contact the pre-school a child attends.  This may be to provide a summary of the work undertaken and to give advice about what staff can do to help to maintain progress. This may include providing staff with a written programme of activities to develop the child’s speech and language skills. I can attend meetings which have been organised about a child at the request of parents. I can also organise a visit to see your child at pre-school in order to observe their speech, language and communication skills in a different environment.



Children will be discharged when:

  • I feel input is not required e.g. age appropriate communication skills have been achieved, further spontaneous progress is anticipated.
  • The child is not ready for therapy due to ENT/hearing issues, maturity level, motivation, dentition etc
  • An agreed course of speech and language therapy support has come to an end and no further input is requested.
  • Parents request an end to speech and language therapy input. This can be done at any time.

Additional Services Provided:

Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy – Package price £1980

The PACT intervention takes place over 12 sessions – this is the number which has been determined to make a difference in follow up research. These sessions take place fortnightly, ideally at home. You and your child will be videoed playing together for 10 minutes. Following this, we will review the video together. My role, as a highly qualified and experienced speech and language therapist, is to look at, with parents, how a child is communicating and how we can support this to develop further. You will benefit from my expertise and dedicated time and have speech and language therapy which is completely individualised and focused on you and your child.

The PACT intervention is a highly specialist, evidence based therapy programme. The cost of the package is £1980. A payment of £165 is due every home visit date. The package includes:

  • 12 x 90 minute sessions with me at home
  • 2 x nursery visits
  • A report following the intervention
  • Travel (within 20 miles of Market Harborough)
  • The provision of visual resources (e.g. now and next, choices boards etc. needed within the 6 month intervention period)
  • Liaison with parents/nursery staff/other professionals outside appointment times (maximum 6 hours)
  • Therapist planning, preparation and administration associated with the intervention.

Want to know more?



Please contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss whether this intervention is suitable for your child. As this is such an intensive package of support, I do have limited availability. I will only work with parents who are committed to following the principles of the programme and are willing to practise the strategies daily with their child between sessions. All children will require an initial assessment to determine their suitability for the programme at a cost of £100 (plus travel).

Training – £100 per hour


I am a licensed tutor for the following Hanen Programmes– It Takes Two to Talk and Living Language and Loving it. I am also a licensed Elklan Tutor.


I am an experienced and enthusiastic trainer. I have delivered training to a wide range of people – both parents and professionals. I can offer bespoke training on a variety of speech and language therapy topics. Please get in touch to find out more.


Working in pre-schools – £100 per hour


I can also visit pre-schools, nurseries and child minder settings to offer advice on a consultative basis (without a contract in place), for example, to offer expertise to improve the communicative environment of settings to support children’s speech and language development more generally. I can also offer support to individual children or groups of children (with parental consent).

Working Arrangements


I work primarily in the homes of families who have requested the service. Children are more confident working in their own surroundings; this encourages a relaxed working relationship, which in turn has a positive impact on communication.  I don’t work on Mondays or at the weekend.


Every child is entitled to free NHS speech and language therapy if needed. If the child is already receiving NHS speech and language therapy, I can liaise with colleagues in the NHS to ensure therapy targets are complimentary.

Fee Structure


  • Initial Assessment (includes gathering background information, assessment – informal and/or formal, verbal summary and recommendations) £100 per hour. If a report is required following the assessment, this will be an additional £65.
  • Programmes – verbal advice will be provided at the time of the appointment. If more specific guidance and/or activities are needed, this will be charged at £65 per hour (pro rata).
  • Individual therapy session – £65 per session (approximately 60 minutes)
  • Review sessions – £65 per session (approximately 60 minutes)
  • Visits to pre-school/nursery or child minder – £65 per visit (in relation to individual children)
  • Letters/reports/written programmes – £65 per document (pro-rata)
  • Phone calls/Emails – First 15 mins no charge, thereafter any additional time charged at £15 per 15 mins
  • PACT intervention – package price – £1980
  • Cancellation with more than 24 hours’ notice – no charge. Late cancellations (after 9 am on the morning of the appointment) – 50 % of the session fee will be charged. Non-attendance will be charged at the full rate.
  • Travel to a family’s home or a child’s pre-school is free within 10 miles (return) from Market Harborough. Mileage is charged at 45 pence a mile after the first 10 miles (please see map on the website for details of area covered).
  • Training – this will cost £300 per half day (3 hours). This is £65 per hour (hourly rate) = £195 plus additional cost added for associated administration, e.g. preparation, planning, clinical record keeping and resource making.


All sessions must be paid for in advance or on the day by cash or BACS payment. I can also accept payment by PayPal. Fees for reports and programmes are due on receipt. No further visits will be made until an outstanding balance is paid in full. I can arrange invoices for educational settings.

I specialise in providing assessment and therapy for pre-school children. My involvement with your child will come to an end the term after they start at school. I will support your child with their transition to school, if this is required. After this I will advise the most appropriate next steps for speech and language therapy intervention, e.g. signposting to another Therapist who can support your child further in school.

*Details for payment available on request



I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and adhere to strict requirements in terms of collecting data about clients. Further details of how you/your child’s information will be used and stored is available on request. Consent for treatment and GDPR will be discussed at the initial assessment.


The HCPC demands that complete, relevant and accurate notes are made following all appointments and after liaison with others involved in your child’s care.  All information recorded will be stored on an electronic filing system called WriteUpp. Please refer to their website for specific data handling information. Handwritten notes will be destroyed or scanned into WriteUpp if these form part of the therapy assessment. I will never disclose information about you/your child to 3rd parties, unless this is needed to safeguard the child. I will liaise with other professionals involved with your child’s care, only with your permission to do so.

Contact Details



You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I prefer to stay in contact with families via email, but need to make you aware that this method of communicating is not always entirely secure. If you prefer letters to be posted or to correspond by phone, please let me know.